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A new book from Donna Rhodes

How the Woman at the Well Became the Well Woman

A new book by author Donna Rhodes 

Coming in Spring 2016


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As both Donna's and the story of the woman at the well makes clear, when seeking love, we can often drink from wells that run dry. If you have been drinking from the wrong well, How the Woman at the Well Became the Well Woman will lead you to the well of living water, where your deepest thirst will be forever quenched.

When I first met Donna, I knew she had a story to tell. This book represents years of work that extend far beyond the craft of writing. I have ministered to thousands of women over the years, but in a unique way, Donna’s quest for love, acceptance, family and home actually ministered to me. By His grace, she is truly a well woman, the embodiment of His promises, who can now share her powerful experience with others.
— Florence Littauer, award-winning and best selling author of Silver Boxes, Personality Plus, and numerous other books; founder of CLASS ( Christian Leaders and Speakers Seminar)
This piquant and compelling memoir teaches us how to get up when we fall and how to recover lost momentum when hopes are thwarted. Donna Rhodes reminds us that no matter how difficult the journey, there is hope and wholeness in a relationship with Jesus Christ. How the Woman at the Well became the Well Woman is undeniable proof that God can bring restoration out of the worst situations in our lives.
— Leann Thieman, Hall of Fame speaker, Author for Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Nurse.