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A new book from Donna Rhodes

How the Woman at the Well Became the Well Woman

A new book by author Donna Rhodes 

Coming in Spring 2016

Rarely do I read a book through in 2 days, but I did this one! I couldn't put it down. It is an incredible testimony to the hope and redemption found only by the grace of God through Christ.


Your story has helped me to re-visit past places I've been in my life. Hard place for women who have been violated to go, but after reading your book it helped me realize I was still holding on to a lot of ugly baggage. Jesus has set me free now that I have surrendered it all to him. Thank u for your transparency & courage that, hopefully, will set thousands of others free to be VICTORIOUS, as it has me.
Gratefully, N.P.W.


Was excited that Donna Rhodes was at our little family/friends gathering Saturday to sign her just released book of her amazing journey to Jesus. I am one of those folks that once I start a book I have to read it in one sitting. Well this is one that I couldn't put down! I felt her pain from a young girl being placed in foster care, since I had a sweet little one live with us for several years and knowing her pain of being taken from her mother. Seeing Donna's life being shaped from all the hurt and pain she went through touched my heart. Her struggle to be a better mother to her little one's shows her desire to be a more loving example than what she was shown by those she thought loved her. Little do we know how soon God's hand is on us guiding, protecting, loving us through everything. This book shows that even during our worst mistakes/ decisions, He is there. We just need to let Him in. Great read!
Debbie Gainey-Rumpler


Today it seems people everywhere like the real stuff. You will find only the real stuff in Donna's new book. This is real life being played out before your very eyes. From start to finish it shows the reader how each of us is either in similar places as Donna's earlier years or on that journey that will take us to joy and prosperity for the rest of our being. And offering deep insight into how to navigate that path!
MK Weber

Hi Donna,
I just finished your book. Praise God, we have been showered with mercy and overflowing grace. We know Him! We believe and we have salvation and hope, we are free!
Praise God for His love.
It was a perfect title for the book.
One way or the other, each of us is a woman at the well, being introduced to living water.
Rosemarie Cato